MCO Sponsors the 10th Annual Shared Assessments Summit



MyComplianceOffice, an industry leading compliance software provider, is excited to announce its whitepaper, 'Framework for a Third Party Risk Management Program', will be made available directly to all attendees at the Shared Assessments Summit through the conference app. The paper examines how to conduct an initial risk assessment. It discusses the importance or ongoing due diligence of your third parties and best practices in order to consolidate your existing internal third party profile. This marks the first time that the MyComplianceOffice will offer one of its whitepapers to attendees directly through a conference app.

This app is available to attendees of the Santa Fe Group’s Shared Assessments Summit, now in its tenth year. This is the second year that MyComplianceOffice will participate as an exhibitor at this premier event. MyComplianceOffice is proud to be a part of this exciting event that brings together many top senior risk executives across industries to share their expertise and experiences.

For more white papers from MyComplianceOffice, visit the WhitePapers section on our website. MyComplianceOffice provides a series of webinars, white papers and more on its Website so that contacts, clients or not, can benefit from thought-leaders’ expertise.

About the Shared Assessments Summit

 “The Shared Assessments Annual Summit brings together the leading experts in risk management to identify the latest trends and to share best practices and insights about effective third party risk management strategies. Learn to evaluate the effectiveness of your third party risk management program. Network with your peers on the latest standards and best practices. Understand how benchmarking can improve the maturity of your program. Learn how to implement robust and efficient methodologies. Leave understanding how to effectively respond to a cyber incident or a data breach. And certify your professional competency as a third party risk expert. The annual Shared Assessments Summit, now in its 10th year, is the premier global, cross-industry event to reveal new processes, technologies, competencies and efficiencies in third party risk management.” - See more at: