MyComplianceOffice 9.0 with Deal Review Manager is here!


We're excited to announce the arrival of MyComplianceOffice 9.0, the newest release of our easy-to-use online compliance solution. In addition to many new features and updates, 9.0 contains Deal Review Manager (DRM), a new module that helps firms manage deals/opportunities and the flow of any related Material Non-Public Information (MNPI). This new module allows users to review investment banking deals, evaluate potential conflicts, define the associated restrictions, as well as capture the compliance review for auditing, regulatory and reporting needs. It can also audit the communication by the control room/compliance review team to the deal team members, including required disclosures.

At MCO, we help companies, of all sizes, address Employee Compliance with affordable, easy to use, and integrated technology. From understanding employee transactions to gifts and entertainment activities - and everything in between, MyComplianceOffice 9.0 gives you the flexibility you need for today's complex regulatory requirements. 


“We believe very strongly that to lower costs in your compliance management, and lower risks, you need an integrated system with the functions working together – particularly in conflict-of-interest compliance scenarios…” - Brian Fahey, Interview with Leaders League, March 28, 2019 

If you haven't taken a look at MyComplianceOffice lately, now's the time. Schedule a demo with us today so you can see the platform that provides you and unprecedented level of risk control for ALL of your compliance challenges.