Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 – See you there!


The annual Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) starts next week and will gather the biggest financial institutions of the world, not to mention regulators, investors, and academia. The event will include hundreds of speakers from around the globe, discussing themes such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, and cybersecurity. This year, the main conference will also focus on climate change and sustainability.

We should expect big names on the stage representing companies like TransferWise, Kimberly-Clark, PayPal and Accenture Europe. The speakers will comprise of a mix of professionals, academics, journalists and regulators from diverse countries.

The event will be divided into four main themes:

• Sustainability, Finance and Tech
• Future of Finance
• Investment and Global Markets Opportunities
• Exponential Technologies

These topics are both interesting and beneficial, so we have created a list of the talks during the conference to prevent you from missing subjects related to your industry.

Monday, 11th November

9:00 am – Opening Talk, Step-change solutions for a planetary emergency
If you are interested in climate change and sustainability this is a must-see presentation. The president of WWF International, Pavan Sukhdev, will illustrate how business, government, finance and the general public can come together to change the planet’s future.

12:00 pm – Innovating with AI – Amazon’s Chief Economist and VP, Core AI
The economist Pay Bajari, Vice President of Amazon, will guide the audience through the journey that Amazon took to implement AI in their business and how it is shaping the future of the company.

4:00 pm - The Impact of Tech in the Financial Services Industry
We love a panel discussing and we hope you do too. Peiying Chua, partner at Linklaters, will moderate this panel discussion where members will highlight their experience in how emerging technologies are gaining more acceptance within the industry.

5:00 pm - Riding the Investment Wave in Asia
If you want to know more about investment in Asia, you must join the Asian experts in this conversation about investment trends. They will explain how the Asian market differs from other regions and predict where opportunities will arise in the market.

Tuesday, 12th November

11:30 - Defining the Future of Digital Currency
Big names in the industry like Mu Changchun, Director-General of the Institute of Digital Currency, will talk about the future of digital currency which was one of the hottest topics in the past years.

2:00 pm - Sustainable finance: The trillion-dollar opportunity
Are you interested in how the financial sector can be aligned with sustainable goals? If so, this is a must-attend panel with experts discussing their priorities for a sustainable business.

5:00 pm - Cross Border Collaboration is Key
Mirna Sleiman, CEO of FinTech Galaxy, will initiate a conversation about how Singapore and the Middle East can work together to improve collaboration in digital payments, remittance and e-commerce. The panellists will touch base with the open channels that regulators have created for more cooperation among innovation teams and authorities.

Wednesday, 13th November

9:20 am - A Macro View on Financial Inclusion
It is always good to start the day with a positive presentation about progress in the industry and how it can help to develop a better world. Alfonso Garcia Mora, from the World Bank Group, will discuss with other panellists whether the road towards financial inclusion is a realistic option or not.

1:00 pm - Rethinking of Financial Services business model to supercharge growth for stakeholders
This session will focus on a relevant business model that aims to deliver value, viability and sustainability at present and into the future.

2:00 pm - Digital Finance Transformation: Technology Developments in the Financial Services Sector
Digital transformation is present in every industry, however, in the financial services sector, they have been changing their operations. The adoption of these technologies is not always easy. In this panel, specialists will look at the risks and opportunities of digital transformation in the sector.

4:00 pm - Singaporean FinTech success stories
To conclude a great number list of presentations, we recommend that you hear these successful FinTech’s stories. The panellists will highlight innovative ideas, challenges and opportunities taken by companies in the industry.

For a full list of presentations, please go to SFF website.

The most recognized tech providers and Fintech companies will be exhibiting from 10 am to 6 pm at the pavilion, presenting their innovative technologies and services.

At the international pavilion, companies will showcase their solutions under their country flag including Denmark, Dubai, Ireland, and the US. MCO has the pleasure to be exhibiting in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland at the Irish Pavilion, Booth 4N17 Hall 4. Visit us to discuss your compliance program and how MCO can assist you to solve endemic problems of corruption and fraud.

We are excited to see you there. 

Find us at the Irish Pavilion - Booth 4N17 Hall 4