March 8th 2012: Insider Trading is Like a Skinny Neck Tie


by Kyle Colona on March 2, 2012

They say that what's old is new, and if you hang on to your neck ties, in the fullness of time, they may once again be brought back from the tie rack. And the same holds true for insider trading cases on The Street.

While it has long been an issue, “because the temptation to use confidential information for personal advantage is so great,” says the New York Times DealBook, insider trading is making like a skinny neck tie (or maybe a white collar noose) as prosecutors have pursued its “explosive growth” in the hedge fund sector and investment advisory firms much like in the 1980s when cases against Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and Dennis Levine, became the poster children of insider trading and “Wall Street greed.”

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