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Six Best SEC Examination Tips


From MCO's January Webinar with Patrick J. Burns, Jr of ARC

1) Once you receive the examination request list, put together a “response team” to help you gather the requested documents.

2) Consider making a list of the documents that are being requested with a designation of who is responsible for putting those documents together and the corresponding item number on the request list.

3) If examiners schedule an office visit, prepare a short background presentation (15-30 minutes), which will brief the examiner of the firm’s organization, culture of compliance, lines of business, etc. The presentation will allow for the firm to set a tone of seriousness and professionalism.


4) Prepare and educate all employees about the examination. Instruct staff to answer questions factually and in a concise manner. It is ok for the employee to say that they do not know and point the question to someone who might be better capable of answering.

5) Don’t wait until your scheduled annual compliance review to address an issue outlined in the deficiency letter.

6) A response to the deficiency letter should be turned in to the examiner by the deadline. Don’t wait until your scheduled annual compliance training to address an issue outlined in the deficiency letter.

Deficiency.jpgYou can download the slides from the above webinar here.

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